Nashville Business Journal
Best in Business Awards
May 23, 2003


Sy.Med Development, Inc., 1-25 Employees Winner


Business: Sy.Med Development develops software solutions that simplify managed care for health care providers and payers.  Its software, OneApp, eliminates handwriting repetitive and laborious credentialing applications by auto-populating those applications.  Software also allows document storage such as diplomas and medical licenses.

History: Jay Mason was the founder and original CEO.  He started the company in his house in 1995.  A year later, he rented space in Cummins Station in Nashville.  His and Aylward's backgrounds were in managed health care.  They both knew of the paperwork burden managed care placed on physicians and their practices.  The company's mission is to simplify managed care.  Start-up capital came primarily from State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Co., Tennessee's largest professional liability company for medical malpractice.

Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge for Sy.Med officials was starting the company without revenue, name recognition or a customer base.  This was overcome by developing a state-of-the-art product that had wide scope of need and appeal.